Princess Pankeeki offers a wide variety of hand-crafted accessories for fetish, cosplay, festival, photoshoots and any occasion in-between! See below all the items I can offer:

Premade themed release - A unique themed release of premade items. For the best shot at purchasing something from here, join my Instagram below! These usually occur every 1-2 months

Preset design collections - Some of my favourite designs are available for sale all year round! 

DYO Custom collection - Bring your dream designs or moodboards to life! 

Ears and Tails

All ears are handmade with luxury faux fur, trimmed and airbrushed. They are wired and posable on a comfortable satin headband.

Any shape is possible however my generic shapes, in size order, are: 

Micro kitten, Kitten, Lynx, Kuma, Fox, Wolf/Puppy, Deer, Cow, Kitsune, Rounded Bunny, Large Bunny, Floppy Bunny, Ōkami, Dragon

Generic Tail styles are: 

Bunny, Deer, Floppy straight, Curled Shiba, Curled Kitten, Big Cat, Curled Husky, Dragon

Ornate Collars

All collars feature the best quality satin ribbon and a plush comfy velvet lining. All crystals used are genuine Swarovskis. I have an abundence of materials but, as I am happy to order in, the design possibilities are endless!

There are tier levels for the level of complexity and price - please read the description thoroughly and I'll be happy to answer any questions!

Ornate Collars are available in premade themed releases or you can design your own below!

Bow sets

Bow sets are made using the best quality satin ribbon, with layers of lace and organza, charms, bells and swarovski crystals. The design possibilities are endless as I am happy to order in materials!

They clip onto ears, tails or your own hair! 

Available in premade themed releases or design your own below!


Toe bean keyrings are hand-made with faux fur and minky fabric for the toe beans. They often include a squeeker, a decorative bow and dangly charms, Swarovskis and bells!

Pom Pom keyrings are handmade with faux fur and have dangly charms, Swarovskis, bells and an optional bow!

Available in premade themed releases or design your own below!

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