Princess Pankeeki is run solo by just me, Zoe!
It started off as a simple collar store in 2018, to give my University Maths degree-life some creativity... and money. Soon I branched out into cosplay costumes, after making a few for myself. I made and sold some Nekopara cosplays, which included faux fur ears, and here I found my calling! I finally settled on my main craft of ears and tails, crafting as much as possible while studying. Since graduating, I've been running it full time in my UK hometown, but I've just taken the leap and moved to Kawasaki, Japan!
All my pieces of wearable art are hand-crafted to make you feel beautiful and confident, while bringing your visions to life ♡
Everything is cruelty free - faux fur, no leather, no feathers ♡


Contact me:
Instagram/Facebook: @princesspankeeki